Carolyn has her feet connected to the earth, and her heart connected to the heavens. She was one of the first Reiki Masters in the US and now has reintroduced Zimbate after a centuries-long absence. My experience is that both forms are effective and work wonderfully together - and Carolynís healing energy works regardless of the method employed.

15 years ago, Carolyn helped to keep my body and spirit healthy as I was going through chemotherapy. Together, we were able to clear any residue of the cancer from my body. And, contrary to the expectations of my medical doctors, I conceived and birthed a beautiful baby girl while staying perfectly healthy.

As a teacher and a healer, Carolyn connects with me so effortlessly and on a such deep level that nothing seems more natural. I think it is because Carolyn embodies a confidence in the energy that moves through her - and it never attaches to her ego. Her intention is one of love. Come see her; you will feel better.

Carolyn, I am grateful!

~ Love, Theresa

At 62 years old, I have had way to much experience with doctors and surgeries. The last three surgeries were to remove half of my stomach, replace my left knee and remove throat cancer, which included radiation treatments. A most difficult time for both my physical body and mental state, enough I would say! There were three teams of Doctors all of whom were good, Carolyn was part of each team working to get me through these surgeries. My recoveries have been fast, easy and complete on all of them, and I credit Carolyn and her Zimbate treatments before, during and after the surgeries for a big part of the successes. Being prepared mentally and physically is probably the number one path to a proper recovery.

~ Dan

Carolyn is a gentle and inspirational teacher. Classes are lively and life-changing. Zimbate is safe, powerful and quick. It can be done anywhere, requires no prior experience, no equipment, no beliefs. I use it mainly on everyday aches and pains and minor illness. It continues to surprise me.

~ Sandra Smith

Zimbate provides the template for healing work. It is the focal point, white light, from which all energy emanates. It is the horsepower which amps up any practices one has experienced and used before. Zimbate is transformative and when used with pure and positive intention, it is as much a modern conduit for onesí own personal growth, as it is an ancient path for the spiritual healing of others.

~ J.A. Trott