Zimbate Background

At a place near the Dead Sea was a community called Qumran, which was the center of the Essene culture. The Essenes were a very advanced people who practiced techniques of natural healing such as Zimbate. A small group of Essenes called the Theraputi, excelled at healing practices. They traveled, healed and shared their knowledge. As more and more people saw the effectiveness of Zimbate they realized it could be used for personal gain and power. Over time it had become abused and eventually removed, disappearing for thousands of years.

Today, with awareness of natural healing becoming more prominent, and with a growing need from people and the planet earth itself, Zimbate has been returned to us.

What is Zimbate?

For the person doing it, they become a conduit for this very high energy vibration. It is passed through the hands to the ‘client’ (the person receiving) where their body uses the energy for their higher good. The facilitator has sensations and feelings during the session.

The client may or may not have awareness of the energy in their body. It doesn't matter. The body knows how and where to use Zimbate healing.

Healing or change can occur on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

One of the remarkable aspects of Zimbate is how fast it works. Other modalities usually take about an hour per session. Zimbate can be complete in 15-20 minutes.

A treatment can involve using touch, mantra and vibration above and around the body, sound or color.

Comparing modalities isn't very practical as they each have value. What makes Zimbate healing stand out is how fast, deep and effective it is.